• “Economic unrest means more spending for online advertising—even as ad budgets remain tight. Marketers see online advertising as safe because the ads are typically more measurable, more efficient and more targetable, making the internet a more accountable medium than nearly all traditional channels” — E-marketeer, December 29, 2010


How to deliver the right message to the right user in a given context at the right time with the optimized cost at scale? We can break down the statement into multiple sub-challenges:

  • Identify the user intention based on the context
  • Match the demand on the other side
  • Personalize the ad copy
  • Place the bid and optimize it.
  • Deliver the ad copy to the user at a native way – see Ad as information to the user
  • Track how the user reacts on this
  • Scale it out

Below we will talk about each challenges in its own section and references.

Scale it out

Major scale challenges:

  • How to reach out many users? – RTB, Direct Publisher Ad Tag Placement, Programmatic buy, Toolbar etc.
  • How to handle billions of ad requests per day at latency down to 100ms?
  • How to collect and analysis the data collected along this process – Big Data


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