Identify Your Audience and Niche

Value Proposition

  • Continue to ask until you distill down to the core purpose. Your company does not sell something just to sell it – you sell it to solve a problem for your customer, to make their lives better.
  • The #1question asked by decision-makers is: What problem does it solve? And why do I need it? The #2 question asked by decision-makers is: What are the likely results of using your product? The #3 question asked by decision-makers is: What are alternatives? Address these three in your content for faster sales, said business strategist Ian Altman.


How to Build Up Your Sales Funnel

Tracking and Measurement

General Social Marketing

  • Publish content that your audience feels compelled to share it. The key to doing this is to make your audience look good in front of their audience when they share.
  • Super-short videos that deliver value from the very first frames are today’s most effective tool, Mari said. Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and Facebook is committed to the expansion of video capability within the platform, Mari said. Videos get more engagement on Facebook, but they are underutilized. She suggested Animoto as a way to create high quality sound-off videos that display well in newsfeeds. Videos should evoke emotion; they should make people laugh, cry, or go “awwww.”
  • Distinguish between citizen influencers and power influencers. Building an engaged audience requires intentional relationship building, said Ian Cleary, founder of Razor Social. In thinking about your audience, it’s helpful to distinguish between citizen influencers–people who use and love your product and participate on social media and power influencers — people who drive conversations on social media. In both cases, relationships are key. Build relationships with citizen influencers through content and connection–answering questions, acknowledging comments, etc. Build relationships with power influencers over time by offering them something of value, being consistent, and seeking in-person connections.
  • Look for ways to enter the conversations you find via trends. Marriotts’ MLive monitors trends online all the time, then works to connect those trends with the particular Marriott brand that best fits the trending story, said David Beebe, VP, Global Creative and Content Marketing. MLive connects the dots between trending stories and brands.
  • Content network and distribution is the future. Mitch Joel, President of Mirum, said that he no longer believes the idea that your own site is the hub to which all of your content points and flows. If you are thinking about building a distribution network, everywhere you connect with your audience online is a hub.

Facebook Marketing

  1. HOW-TO TIP: When boosting posts on Facebook, don’t begin the paid promotion until your post has been online for 1-24 hours, Mari said. The goal is to ride the wave of organic and paid reach. After the initial organic shares have accrued, boost posts from within ad manager, but not by using the “Boost” button alongside the post. The button itself is a signal to the Facebook algorithm that the advertiser has chosen a “lightweight” option, Mari said. Let the post sit again, accrue more shares, then come back to add a second paid lift.
  2. HOW-TO TIP: Use custom audiences to re-target people who watched a certain percentage of your Facebook videos, Mari said.

Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing




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