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I haven’t worn Glass. While I think it looks neat, I don’t see a killer application that makes them worth it… After reading all the reviews, and talking to people who actually wore Glass, I just see a product plagued by bugs, and of questionable use, that’s generating a lot of buzz because people want so desperately to have some new gadget to latch onto, and fear being wrong about the next major technology trend.

The Death of Organic Reach in Most Social Networks?

facebook organic reach is dead

Facebook page owners are frustrated by their inability to get their organic posts in front of their fans. Here were the two main reasons Facebook officially gave them.

First, there’s simply too much content being published on Facebook, making visibility in the News Feed increasingly competitive. Second, Facebook is deliberately trying to show people the content that is most relevant to them, as opposed to surfacing all the content available.

May be we do have too many posts in our Facebook wall that needs Facebook to “filter” it for us. But was it the truly the main reason why they were doing it? As a marketer, I don’t really think so. I believe it was merely the excuse how Facebook earns more money from the poor page owners. Now, they are advised to pay to reach their fans that they used to. If my posts are “not” relevant, why I can pay to get it more exposed to the wall? Wasn’t the change initially created for the user experience as they claimed? Want to know how Facebook responded to it? Of course, Facebook denied it.

If you could rate everything that happened on Earth today that was published anywhere by any of your friends, any of your family, any news source…and then pick the 10 that were the most meaningful to know today, that would be a really cool service for us to build. That is really what we aspire to have News Feed become.

Believe it if you want…

Some useful numbers

  • Research showed a significant drop in organic reach from 16% in 2012 to 2% in 2015.
  • According to Social Baker’s 2014-2015 analysis of 670K posts on 4,445 brand pages, average organic reach for image posts is now at just 3.73%. Their research suggests that the most effective post types are now videos (8.71%), followed by text-only posts (5.77%), and then links (5.29%). So, you can use video post to regain some organic reaches.
  • According to Animoto, 73% of US adults are more likely to buy a product after watching a video that explains it.
  • According to Social Bakers, as of December 2014, Facebook videos are receiving more than 80% of all video interactions. In other words, if you’re going to be using video, upload directly to Facebook for maximum engagement.

How to gain back your organic reach

Below are some tactics you can test out before Facebook starts changing it again.

  • Produce good and relevant video post and upload directly to Facebook. Split a long one into a series of short ones and keep posting it.
  • Educate your fans to turn on notification or subscribe page feed for your page.
  • Lead your fans to your own website and get them on your subscriber list. That is the ultimate protection you can have.

Instagram is doing the same as expected


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