Amazon Redshift In Practice

Amazon Redshift AWS Redshift is a data warehousing solution by AWS. It has an easy clustering and ingestion mechanism ideal for loading large log files...

Learning Spark

Introducing Spark At the high level, Spark is a distributed programming model that allows you to distribute tasks into different worker nodes from a cluster....

Infrastructure as Code

Challenges Giving the challenges of building and maintaining a complex software it’s really hard to manage the provisioning, orchestration, build and deployment of applications easily....

How to harden your wordpress

Keep WordPress Updated WordPress is an open source software which is regularly maintained and updated. By default, WordPress automatically installs minor updates. For major releases,...

CPV Lab Explained

CPV Lab is a great tool for affiliate marketers to track ad performance. However, many of us found the user guide style is hard to...

What is Cloaking?

Changing landing page Cloaking means you show one landing page to a certain percentage of the audience, and a different landing page to the rest....

Bypass China Firewall

During my trip back to my hometown in China, I came across the notorious “Great Wall” that restricted me from accessing Facebook and Google. I...

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